Starting the Internship

This internship was developed very quickly by the staff of the Michigan State University Library. I approached the head of conservation and asked if she had any time that she would be willing to show me the lab or introduce me to the amazing work that she does. She told me to email her and by the time she received my email with my interests, she had set up a position taking all of those into account. It was a joint project between Special Collections (the rare and amazing books/items) and the conservation lab (to preserve them). Her goal for the library was to become more organized and safer in the storage of the items in the map cases in Special Collections. This is being accomplished through my project. It is also fixing some errors that occurred when the library changed the cataloging system and the finding aids to be more efficient. The small differences between the old and the new are an ongoing problem for the library and I am honored to have solved a few of them.